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        Jiangsu province,China.
 ::Company Brief::
    Our company is a medium-sized enterprises. And we mainly sell all kinds of castings, forgings and metal processing products.

    The company is located in Suzhou City in Jiangsu province which traffic is very convenient. It can be arrived at Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi within an hour. Spirit of "honesty, quality first, continuous innovation" is our company’s philosophy, and we continuously improve our own quality control process. Company has won the trust and praise from foreign customers with good reputation, flexible ways of trade and high quality service. We have established stable trade relations with many countries and regions.

    We devote to build up the global market. We provides customers qualified products and good service. And we devote to help our customers gain more profit. Warmly welcome all customers to contact us. And we’d like to cooperate with you. Wish all the customers have the good future.

 ::Products Brief::
    Casting Products
       Our company mainly engaged in all kinds of castings, the types are:
       (1) construction material machinery castings. Products are gears, decelerate box and so on.
       (2) ship fittings. Products are anchor chain, hook, pulley and so on.
       (3) mining machinery castings. Products are hammer plate, frame, connecting rod and so on.
       (4) oil machinery castings. Products are body, piston, side door, cylinder cover, etc.
       (5) Pump and valve castings.
       (6) metallurgical equipment castings. Products are chock supports, frame, guide system,etc.
       (7) precision casting.
       (8) wind power castings. Products are wheel hub and other parts.
       (9) all kinds of wear-resistant steel ball.
       (10) steel plant equipment, such as slag container, etc.
       (11)export casting 

    Forging Products
       The forgings are all kinds of shafts, gears, wheels and ring-like forgings.  

    Rough Machining Products
       The Company also provides rough machining products.

       Our company provide all kinds of materials’ products. The material inculdes alloy steel, carbon steel, ductile iron, gray cast iron, non-ferrous metals.

 ::Excellent Experienced Personnel::
    our company has experienced personnel. We have experienced casting experts, forging experts and metal processing experts. Every one has engaged in casting or forging or metal processing for more than 15 years. We know domestic and international quality standards and inspection standards for castings and forgings very well. We are familiar with the Chinese GB standards, Japan's JIS standard, the German DIS standard, the United States, ASTM, AISI, SAE standard, British BS standard and French NF standards.

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